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AC519 is a fully automatic intelligent automobile air conditioning maintenance equipment newly launched by SmartSafe that integrates disassembly-free cleaning, refrigerant recovery, filling, vacuuming and other functions. It can effectively improve air conditioners with poor refrigeration effect and high compressor load. Problems such as loud noise and high fuel consumption.


① Air conditioning pipeline cleaning:
Clean the air-conditioning pipelines to remove sludge, powder and other impurities inside the pipelines, replace the refrigeration oil more thoroughly, improve compressor lubrication, and improve the refrigeration performance of the air-conditioning system.
② Refrigerant recovery
The refrigerant in the automobile air conditioning system is purified and regenerated and then recycled into the working tank to meet the standards for reuse.
③ Vacuum
Achieve vacuuming of air conditioning pipelines and equipment pipelines.
④ Refrigerating oil filling
Supports manual/automatic filling, and realizes intelligent and precise filling through the built-in electronic scale.
⑤ Refrigerant filling
Add refrigerant to the vehicle according to the set filling amount.
⑥ Auto mode
According to the set parameters, operations such as cleaning, recycling, vacuuming, filling of refrigeration oil, and refrigerant are automatically performed.
⑦ Database
Equipped with automobile refrigerant model database, supports database calling, no manual setting is required.
⑧ Print
Supports printing of device execution results.


Equipped with automobile refrigerant model database, no manual setting is required. Support 134a & 1234YF

What else

It has forward cleaning, reverse cleaning and pulse cleaning functions, and the cleaning effect is obvious.

More Advance

The automatic mode can complete operations such as cleaning, recycling, vacuuming, filling refrigeration oil, and refrigerant with one click. Each function can also be executed independently.

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