EV Oscilloscope & Multimeter

EM101N-EV Oscilloscope & Multimeter

The detection and maintenance of the power system is important for new energy vehicles. By viewing the waveform diagram, the maintenance progress can be improved. This product integrates the functions of a multimeter and a dual-channel oscilloscope, which can be used for two purposes. The brand-new diagnostic APP is user-friendly, easy to use and convenient, supports the function of saving and opening waveforms locally.

  • 1. Combined with the characteristics of dual-channel oscilloscope and multimeter.
  • 2. The anti-fall rubber sleeve increases the protection of the product, and the unique fuse plug-in design is convenient for replacement.
  • 3. With X-431 diagnostic tool, it can be connected wirelessly or in wired mode, which can be freely selected.
  • 4. With X-431 diagnostic tool, the new UI design supports three display modes, which can be freely switched.
  • 5. Needle sets, multimeter pens, alligator clips, oscilloscope channel test leads, etc. are all available.
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