Smoke Leak Dector

Smoke Detector

SLD-501/502 Smoke Diagnostic Leak Detector

SLD501 and SLD502 smoke leaking detectors assist technicians to potential vehicle problems. It equipped with pressure gauge and flow adjustable meter to ensure a quick diagnosis of leak status.

SLD501 support turbo engine and SLD502 support evaporation engine.

  • Specifically designed to test the turbo automobile systems quickly
  • Allow the technician to pinpoint leaks and find failing components
  • Inbuilt air compressor with big air flow rate up to 10L/M the UV leak detection makes the leak’ size less than 0.2mm
  • The leak status easily to be seen in the variable pressure and variable flow
  • A complete accessory kit: Accessory Case, Smoke Hose, Power Cords, Universal Intake Bladder (car), Adaptor Cone

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