Wheel Balancer

Wheel Balancer- KWB621

KWB-621 LAUNCH Wheel Balancer

Fresh launched highly accurate KWB-621 Wheel Balancer obtains precise data automatically with the sonar technology. Laser line clearly indicates the unbalance point on both inboard and outboard of the rim. Wheels that are laser-balanced drive like new!

  • New sonar technology obtains the data automatically to improve the precision and reduce measurement time
  • Automatic measure three parameters distance (“a” value), rim diameter (“d” value) and rim width
  • Laser positioning of adhesive weights
  • Low speed motor improve the precision
  • Perfect for Service Stations, Garages, Tyre Shops and Car Dealerships
  • Fully automatic positioning at the unbalance point on both inside and outside of the rim with laser indication

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